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    JLM Lubricants July 2022

    Press Release for Immediate Release

    Barely a week goes by when the global price of fuel increases causing very real panic at the pumps. Vehicle maintenance is now more important than ever if motorists are to get maximum miles from their tank, with the independent technician key to ensuring that vehicles are well maintained and regularly serviced. Because as Gilbert Groot, JLM Lubricants’ founder and CEO points out – attaining the holy grail of driving fuel efficiently means taking your technician’s advice seriously.

    “Driving fuel efficiently has understandably become a hot topic. But if a tank of fuel is to last longer vehicle maintenance is just as important, if not more so, than simply swapping bad driving habits for good ones,” says Groot. “The professional independent technician holds the keys when it comes to attaining optimum vehicle health because a healthy vehicle burns less fuel. And this means choosing high quality additives when they reduce or remove the need for a replacement part. For many years we have collaborated with topflight technicians, Darren Darling, founder of the Independent DPF Doctor Network being a fitting example. Our unrelenting focus is on developing additives that have been evaluated by world leading technicians on the most challenging vehicles. Because if motorists want to run their car fuel efficiently and keep repair and service bills down, they must trust their technician to use premium quality additives over parts whenever possible. Take our GDI Cleaner for example. It cleans the tip of the injector of direct fuel injected engines, with more efficient fuel injection and less fuel consumption as a result. With gasoline direct injection, the injectors get dirty and cook on a regular basis over a period of time. Our product is used on many vehicles including ones technicians class as ‘hopeless cases.’ For example, I received an email from a technician in Germany. He tried our product on a VW Caddy CBZ. This car had contaminated nozzles and a lean run-in gasoline of over 50%. 40 litres of fuel and a can of the JLM GDI Injector Cleaner and the standard width fell back to 10% – within the first 100 km. Used every 20,000 km it will keep the injectors clean and will play a crucial part in improved fuel economy.”

    Another JLM product a technician can use in the workshop to improve fuel economy is Petrol Extreme Clean. It’s the solution to late model cars and engines with severe build up blocking problems in various parts of the fuel system. These contaminations are tough and hard to dissolve with regular fuel additives. “This product is suitable for all petrol engines including direct injection with or without a turbo or catalytic converter,” says Groot. “The special detergent in our formulation cleans the fuel system including injectors, inlet and outlet valves, spark plugs and combustion chamber. The net effects are lower deposits of combustion residues in the cylinder and cleaner exhaust gases; the octane number boosted by 2-4 points plus an increase in engine power with better fuel economy. All from a multiple additive product that’s added to the fuel tank before refueling.”  For diesel vehicles, JLM have the diesel equivalent, aptly named Diesel Extreme Clean. This cleans the entire fuel system with lower emissions and fuel consumption as a result. It’s also powerful enough to clear soot accumulation from the DPF, EGR and turbo vanes. Another product from the JLM stable, the Diesel Injector Cleaner makes light work of the tough job of cleaning the injectors, again saving fuel and restoring engine power.

    “Often when a car is being serviced, the oil is changed,” says Groot. “When a technician adds the JLM Engine Oil Flush Pro to the old oil before adding the new, even old and very dirty engines are cleaned with a corresponding improvement in engine performance and a reduction in fuel consumption”

    “Motorists can’t fight the price at the pumps, but they can be proactive and work closely with their technician who in turn can use best of breed maintenance and prevention products to keep workshop bills down,” concludes Groot.



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