Carbon Cleaning Restores Engine Performance
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    Engine Carbon Cleaning is a process where the machine equipped with a Hydrogen Generator, creates Oxy-Hydrogen Gas. Once the hydrogen gas is produced, it is simply transferred into the engine thru a tube into the air intake of the vehicle being cleaned .

    Hydrogen gas reacts with carbon by pyrolysis to remove carbon buildup in the engine system from intake manifold, exhaust manifold and the exhaust pipes.

    Carbon buildup has been a problem for the internal combustion engine since it was invented. It is a known fact that carbon deposits in internal combustion engines reduce engine performance, reduce fuel efficiency, shorten engine/equipment/parts life and increase engine out emissions.

    Prices depend on engine capacity and engine types. We have prices for saloon, SUV, trucks, trailer, motorbikes and generators on our booking site at:

    The service duration depends on the engine size and type. The time of service varies from 30 minutes to 1 hour 30 minutes.

    No engine disassembly is required. We pass our supply tube through the air intake of the engine.

    Carbon Cleaning is a service that has been tried and tested across the world. It does not damage engine components.

    If you’re over 10,000 km and you’ve never had the service then you should have your engine carbon cleaned. However if you can relate with any of the following driving situations, then you should get the service.

    1) Constant Low rev driving.
    2) Short journeys.
    3) Lots of stop-start journeys.
    4) Rough idling.
    5) Poor quality fuel

    1. Increase fuel economy by up to 25%.
    2. Increase power (6 BHP) and Torque (7
    3. Lower CO emissions by an avg. of 69%.
    4. Lower smoke emissions by an avg. of 58%.
    5. Improve engine performance and drivability.
    6. Provide a smoother and quieter engine.
    7. Visibly cleaner oil after use.
    8. More responsive power or acceleration.
    9. Prevent premature engine wear.\
    10. Remove sludge and carbon debris from your engine.

    Carbon cleaning should be performed every 10,000 km or at least once a year. Depending on the mileage covered in a given period or the frequency of driving in slow-moving traffic, it may be recommended to get the engine decarbonized more frequently.

    We are a mobile service, so we come to your location (home or office) depending on where you stay.

    Yes. Reviews by our previous customers can be found on our booking site at:

    Our machine is FCC and CE certified. We can provide the certificates if required.

    The machine was manufactured and assembled in Lille, France.

    It is a technique or process used to remove carbon buildup from inside an engine.

    Carbon buildup has been a problem for the internal combustion engine since it was invented. It is a known fact that carbon deposits in internal combustion engines reduce engine performance, increase fuel consumption, shorten engine life, and increase toxic exhaust emissions.

    Some common symptoms include:

    * Hard Starting
    * Rough Idling
    * More Exhaust Emissions
    * Higher Fuel Consumption
    * Hesitation/Stalling
    * Power Loss

    Frequent driving in slow-going traffic plus poor fuel quality increases the rate of carbon buildup.

    If the engine mileage is over 50,000km, we recommend upgrading from the carbon cleaning treatment (stage 1) to the full engine detox package (stage 2). We have the standard and premium detox packages. The standard detox package includes:

    1. Carbon Cleaning
    2. JLM EXTREME CLEAN treatment

    For the premium detox package, we add the JLM BORTEC FRICTION REDUCER Oil Treatment.

    If you’re not sure which engine detox package to choose, please call our CC specialist on 09021035312 or 09028788175.

    When you order online there are 2 options, delivery and pickup. Delivery can take up to 3 days in Lagos. Most customers arrange pickup at our office.

    We offer our best prices and so the prices are fixed so that all our clients get the same price and we’re fair to everyone.

    If you plan to pickup, please coordinate this with our team. Sam – 09028788175 or Lekan – 09021035312 (backup).

    You should decarbonize when:

    1. you have bought a used car and are unsure of its service history.
    2. your vehicle has a high mileage and you want to improve its quality of life.
    3. you want to stop your car from deteriorating.
    4. your engine is too noisy (it can help reduce noise).
    5. you want a little more power when pulling out of junctions.
    6. you are about to upgrade the quality of the engine oil.
    7. you are having a turbo replaced.
    8. you are having a head gasket repair.
    9. you have put the wrong fuel in your vehicle.
    10. you are having a service.
    11. your vehicle fails the emission test due to high emissions.

    Please call our CC specialists on 09021035312 (Lekan) or 09028788175 (Sam).

    Ozone treatment is a technology that uses ozone gas (O3 gas) from an ozone generator to oxidize and eliminate bad odor,  viruses, bacteria, and fungi that build up over time in the car and the a.c. evaporator due to mold and mildew.

    Without this annual treatment, air output from the a.c. will be contaminated and unhealthy for the occupants.

    We often tell clients to see additives like medication/tablets. It will work for what it is designed for.

    Our hours are Monday through Friday from 9 am to 4 pm.

    We occasionally work on Saturdays.

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