Carbon Cleaning Restores Engine Performance
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    Revive your ride with Carbon Cleaning

    Discover the secret known to a few motorists and car dealers.

    Carbon Cleaning Nigeria

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    Benefits of Engine Carbon Cleaning

    1. Restores the engine power.

    2. Improves combustion efficiency, meaning a reduction in fuel consumption. 

    3. Extends the engine life, also reducing uneven combustion (knocking).

    4. Improves throttle performance or acceleration.

    5. Reduces engine noise or vibration.

    6. Fixes check engine light in many cases.

    7. Reduces smoke and toxic gas emissions.

    Carbon Cleaning Service

    This is our main service for the decarbonizing of internal combustion engines. This covers vehicles and generators run on petrol, diesel or LPG.

    Prices from N21,500.

    Combo Package

    Most second-hand vehicles have never been decarbonized. An extra touch may be required for a more thorough clean, so we add JLM fuel and oil additives.

    Prices from N26,000.

    Engine Detox Package

    This is our super combo, all-out carbon cleaning package. It includes our full suites of engine decarbonizing agents and also vehicle ozone treatment.

    Prices from N47,000 

    Our Hydrogen technology is proven worldwide

    Carbon Cleaning group of independent companies is an international network of aftermarket service providers with representatives in more than 70 countries across Europe, North America, and Southeast Asia. The technology is proven and our customer reviews are our proof. Read some below.

    Afolabi Aderinbola

    Never knew carbon cleaning could have such a positive effect on my car. I observed that after the decarbonizing process, the performance improved seriously, lower fuel consumption, cooler AC and the performance of the engine is quiet. I’m glad I did this and I will still do it again when the due time comes.. thanks so much.

    Barr. Imagin

    To be honest, I did it for doing sake a day before yesterday, I drove all the way today from Mainland to the Lekki Free Trade Zone axis after Eleko at Ibeju Lekki and I noticed there was a great difference after my engine was decarbonized. My gear selection was superb, astute fuel efficiency, and professional service rendered with great sincerity…Nice job Segun. Halleluyah!!!


    From the moment I spoke on phone with these guys, I had my mind made up to do this. They cleared my doubts with very easy-to-understand explanations and after the carbon cleaning, I immediately noticed the massive improvement in my car’s performance. I was scheduled to go for a long trip the same day and I must say that the fuel economy got me amazed! I definitely recommend that anyone who values good engine performance should get this done. Worth every penny!

    You get a 10% discount (code: CC010)

    Thank You, we look forward to your appointment.

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