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    JLM Lubricants Press Release for Immediate Release September 2022

    With The Motor Ombudsman reporting that: ‘56% of UK car owners who do not have a service plan in place are considering either missing it or delaying their vehicle’s annual service to save money due to the sharp rise in the cost of living.’ And ‘68% of car owners are planning to reduce motoring -related expenditure,” global brand JLM Lubricants assert this is not restricted to the UK.


    “This research comes as no surprise to us because our distributors are reporting similar findings,” says JLM Lubricants’ CEO and founder, Gilbert Groot. “Our products are sold in over 45 countries ranging from Slovakia, Greece and Germany to Australia, Ghana, and America. The cost of living is rising in almost every country because of the ongoing effects of the pandemic and the war in Ukraine. This has led to fuel prices spiralling out of control – at the pumps and in homes and businesses. Motorists are consumers and so are looking to restrict spending wherever they can. However, cutting back on vehicle servicing and maintenance is a flawed strategy that leads to significant expenditure when small problems escalate as they can. Take the example of the DPF. If a motorist decides to ignore the warning sign or, to top up their regeneration fluid with a low-cost product, they’re unwittingly playing a part in the DPF becoming damaged beyond repair. We have so many case studies from members of the global DPF Doctor Network where motorists have brought their vehicle to a DPF doctor only to be told the DPF has become damaged beyond repair. The choice is then scrapping their car because the cost of replacing the DPF is prohibitive relative to its value and condition or paying for a new DPF. We also hear stories of motorists using inferior quality DPF refill fluids which is madness when the consequences of this are laid bare.”


    Proof Groot is not alone in this view comes from Darren Darling, founder of The DPF Doctor Network who says: “Without the correct amount of active ingredients (FBC) in the DPF Fluid, the DPF system cannot function correctly, and this leads to premature blocking of the DPF, increased MPG and in some cases a damaged DPF. As DPF Specialists it’s crucial we only use products that either meet or exceed OE spec such as the JLM DPF Refill Fluid, the only product that makes it into our own workshop.”


    “If we get to the crux of this research from the Motor Ombudsman Bureau, it’s clear the professional motor mechanic holds the keys,” continues Groot. “It’s their job to alert customers to the consequences of not looking after their vehicle because this head in the sand mentality does not work. Running a vehicle to the ground until there’s no option but for a mechanic to see it also increases the likelihood of running it down to the point of no return. Now is the time for mechanics to address this without delay. They talk from a position of integrity and from experience. They must do so using all communication channels at their disposal. We work with thousands of mechanics worldwide, supplying our trade trusted additives that help in keeping repair and maintenance bills down which is welcome news for motorists. However, if mechanics do not become more vocal, educating customers on the benefits of keeping their cars in good condition and, spelling out what can happen should they decide to cut corners by cutting costs, this situation will worsen.”


    And who loses out in the end? The motorist,” concludes Groot.


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