Carbon Cleaning Restores Engine Performance
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    Engine Decarbonization

    Most motorists take extra care of their vehicles with regular service and oil change and yet overtime, they see their vehicle performance deteriorate and fuel consumption increase. This is caused by a buildup of carbon deposit.

    Carbon buildup has been a problem for all types of internal combustion engines since it was invented in 1859 by French engineer, J. J. ?tienne Lenoir. It is a known fact that the carbon deposits reduces engine performance and fuel efficiency, shortens engine and component life and increases toxic exhaust emissions.

    Motorists around the world are combating carbon buildup with a hydrogen carbon cleaning method that removes carbon deposits and restores engine performance. You can book a 30 minute session with Carbon Cleaning Nigeria, a member of Carbon Cleaning International.

    Carbon Buildup Issues

    Everday use of your vehicle leads to the gradual accumulation of carbon deposits throughout the engine and exhaust system.

    Is Your Vehicle Affected By Carbon Buildup?

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    With the Carbon Cleaning solution, you can help extend the life of your car engine without the need to replace so many expensive parts.

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